About the Bandits
The Bandits Baseball program is for dedicated players in grades 7 and 8 who live in Brookline. Our goal is to develop talented, smart, confident, disciplined, team-oriented ballplayers through high-level training and competitive games.


The Bandits program offers several benefits for Brookline ballplayers:

  • Advanced skill development and competitive spring games comparable to out-of-town club teams

  • In-depth attention to the mental side of the game, strength and conditioning, team chemistry, and sportsmanship

  • The familiarity and cohesiveness of playing on an all-Brookline team

  • The convenience of playing home games in Brookline

  • Total cost that's about one-third of what out-of-town club teams charge



We're looking for serious players who are ready to:

  • Make a commitment to the program

  • Give their best mental and physical effort

  • Work hard to achieve their goals

  • Take responsibility for their decisions and actions

  • Put the team ahead of themselves

We realize that some out-of-town club teams will offer spring roster spots to players early in the fall. If you​'re trying to decide between an out-of-town team and the Bandits for next spring, we will let you know as early as necessary about your chances of earning a spot on the Bandits roster so you can make the decision that's best for you (please let us know if you're facing a deadline). In the end, we want kids to end up wherever they have the best chance to be challenged, successful, and happy playing baseball.


We don’t expect you to attend every fall and winter practice, but we encourage you to attend as often as possible. The more you attend, the better your chance of earning a spring roster spot and improving your skills. We do expect you to make the Bandits your primary sports commitment during the spring season.

FALL 2020

Brookline players in grades 7-8 are eligible to try out for the Bandits fall program.

  • Flexible Schedule: Several practices/scrimmages each week, from early September through late October. Choose the sessions that fit your schedule.

  • In-Depth Training: Practices designed to improve your knowledge and skills on the big diamond.

  • Extended Tryout: The fall season also serves as your tryout for the spring roster.


After the fall baseball season, we’ll let you know your spring roster status by early November. If you’re selected for the spring team, you’ll be invited to attend our weekly indoor winter practices — Sunday evenings, December through March — and you'll be expected to make a commitment to the Bandits during the spring.


The Bandits are planning to compete in the Elite Baseball League on weekends from April through June. On weekdays, we plan to play games as part of BYB's Senior League and also practice at least once per week.


If you have any questions about the Bandits — structure of the program, timing of roster decisions, commitment expected of players, program costs, or anything else — please contact John Bucci.

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