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Learn from the Pros

Here are a few videos of Major League Baseball players with outstanding fundamentals in different aspects of the game. Click on the images and see what you can learn from them.

Screen Shot 2020-04-19 at 5.26.36 PM.png
Alex Bregman
Houston Astros
One of the most efficient swings in baseball.
Screen Shot 2020-04-19 at 5.36.25 PM.png
Matt Chapman
Oakland Athletics
Among the best fielders
to ever play third base.
Screen Shot 2020-04-19 at 5.54.11 PM.png
Jackie Bradley Jr.
Boston Red Sox
One of today's greatest defensive outfielders.
Screen Shot 2020-04-19 at 6.08.36 PM.png
Max Scherzer
Washington Nationals
Three Cy Young awards in his past seven seasons.
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Training at Home​​

Make the most of your free time by getting better at something every day. Use this opportunity to learn and develop on your own. These instructions and videos can help.


Practice the warm-up throwing fundamentals that we've been working on since September (50 per day): 

  • Start with ball/glove at the center of your chest.

  • Separate hands with thumbs pointing down.

  • Point front elbow/glove at your target.

  • Extend throwing arm behind you, but keep some bend in your elbow.

  • Throw with fingers on top of the ball.

  • Follow the path of the ball with your head, chest, and back leg.

  • Catch ball in the center of your body with your hands together.


Practice our infield fundamental progressions and drills (50 per day): 

  • Step into ready position.

  • Stutter-step to time the hops.

  • Step forward with right foot (for righties) and extend your glove down and away from you.

  • Step forward with left foot, glove below the ball (fingertips to the ground), eyes behind the ball.

  • Field ball on the glove side (not dead center), with hands together.

  • Transfer, pivot hips, and step (right, then left) into throwing position.


Practice our outfield fundamental drills (50 per day): 

  • Step into ready position.

  • Pop-step to get a good jump on the ball.

  • "Hurry up and wait" to get behind the ball and beat it to the spot.

  • Field the ball with glove side forward, in front of your throwing shoulder.

  • Crow-hop into throwing position.


Reinforce muscle memory by practicing your swing with proper fundamentals (100 per day):

  • Keep front side (foot/shoulder) closed.

  • Rotate and drive back hip through the ball.

  • Start hands above the ball (shoulders level).

  • Throw hands to the inner half of the ball.

  • Flatten bat through the zone.


Do a few of our strengthening drills:

  • Upper Body: 50 heavy-bat swings (with proper mechanics), 25 push-ups (with a flat back).

  • Core: 50 bicycle crunches (abs), 50 bridges (lower back).

  • Legs: 50 side-to-side lunges, 50 front-back lunges, 50 high-knee running.

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