Choosing the Right Bat

If you're looking for guidance in choosing the right size bat, try out the interactive Bat Coach at Just Bats, an online retailer.

Buying a New Glove

The most common concerns about buying a new glove have to do with choosing the right size and breaking it in. Fortunately, help is available, both online and in sporting goods stores. One online retailer, Ball Glove Warehouse, offers the following useful tools:

  • Glove Resource Guide — advice for selecting, breaking in, and caring for a new glove

  • Glove Coach — an interactive tool that takes you through a step-by-step process for choosing a new glove

Arm Care for Pitchers

To prevent injuries, it's important for pitchers to practice proper arm care and pay attention to warning signs. Here are some tips for staying injury-free.


  • Strengthen your back, core, and leg muscles.

  • Throw regularly, at less than full speed, to condition your arm muscles.

  • Before throwing, warm up your entire body — not just your arm.

  • Stretch thoroughly, including the back of your shoulder.

  • Learn to change speeds — that is, don't throw only fastballs — to go easier on your arm.

  • Pay attention to pitch counts, even if your arm feels fine.

  • Stop pitching when your arm feels tired or painful.

  • Give your arm a break from pitching in the off-season.

Skills Websites

You can find hundreds of websites that teach baseball skills, but far fewer that do it well. Here are several that offer useful instruction for ballplayers of all ages.



If you know of another site that should be listed here, please send it in.

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