Great Season, Boys!

I’m proud of you all. Our hard-working, tight-knit group of 16s and 17s competed admirably in a league of 18U players, all the way to the championship game. Throughout the summer, you maintained your impeccable class, genuine commitment to your teammates, and unfailing respect for the game. From start to finish, you set an example of how to play baseball the right way, and nothing matters more than that.

Stats are below. Click the image for a larger version.

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Game/Practice Policies

Your responsibilities as a member of the team.​


•  Show up on time and prepared

•  Give your best effort

•  Respect the game

•  Put the team first

•  Take responsibility

•  Communicate

•  Believe in yourself

•  Play to win

•  Have fun


Wear baseball pants or sweat pants to every practice and game (no shorts). If you're a catcher, always bring a protective cup. Also be sure to bring a face mask and batting gloves to every practice and game.


If you must be late or absent for a practice or game, text or email me as far in advance as possible. Please don’t wait until the last minute unless it’s unavoidable.


Plan to bring your own water to games and practices. Also, don't eat during practices and games.


If I know ahead of time that we're rained out, I’ll post a message on this website and/or send you an email or text. Feel free to text me if you're not sure. If you can't reach me and you haven't received an update from me, then you should arrive at the field on time.