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Congratulations on a

great season!

A stellar 19-3 record (best in the league), including seven shutouts and not a single loss by more than one run. Also the #1 seed in the TOC, and we came within a few inches — literally — of winning the championship. Not the ending we wanted, but still a season with far more thrills than disappointments.
Regardless of the final game, we were the best team in the league this year. No doubt about it. And the classiest. So focus on the many great times we had as a team and be proud of what you accomplished.
The future is bright.
Enjoy the rest of the summer.

Season Schedule

Our complete game schedule and results​.

Saturday, 6/22 vs Stoneham (W 11-0)

Sunday, 6/23 vs Medford (W 7-6)

Thursday, 6/27 at NorthEnd (W 3-1)

Sunday, 7/7 vs Wellesley (W 5-2)

Thursday, 7/11 vs Salem (W 5-2)

Friday, 7/12 at Cambridge (W 5-1)

Saturday, 7/13 at Acton (W 15-1)

Sunday, 7/14 at MuddyRiver (W 10-3)

Tuesday, 7/16 at Wakefield (W 2-0)

Thursday, 7/18 at Billerica (L 7-6)

Sunday, 7/21 vs Cambridge (W 10-0)

Tuesday, 7/23 vs Melrose (W 7-0)

Thursday, 7/25 at Stoneham (W 5-0)

Saturday, 7/27 at Medford (L 3-2)

Sunday, 7/28 at Reading (W 6-2)

Sunday, 7/28 vs Watertown (W 4-3)

Tuesday, 7/30 vs NorthEnd (W 17-3)

Thursday, 8/1 vs Watertown (W 17-5)

Tuesday, 8/6 vs Medford (W 8-0)

Wednesday, 8/7 vs Stoneham (W 3-2)

Saturday, 8/10 vs Stoneham (W 8-0)

Sunday, 8/11 vs Reading (L 2-1)

Team Policies

Your responsibilities as a member of the team.​


•  Show up on time and prepared

•  Give your best effort

•  Respect the game

•  Put the team first

•  Take responsibility

•  Believe in yourself

•  Play to win

•  Have fun

•  Communicate


Wear baseball pants or sweat pants to every practice (no shorts). Also, bring all of your equipment, including catcher's gear if you're a catcher.


If you must be late or absent for a practice or game, text or email coach in advance. Please don’t wait until the last minute unless it’s unavoidable.

For home games, we'll arrive 90 minutes before game time. For away games, we'll meet at Warren roughly two hours before game time and carpool from there.


Plan to bring your own water to games and practices. Also, don't eat during practices and games (aside from sunflower seeds). If any parents want to bring drinks for the team, that would be great.


Players are expected to remain in the bench area and stay focused on the game or practice. Families and friends, please do not come into the bench area during games and practices unless it's absolutely necessary.


Summer baseball is competitive, and our opponents will be playing their best players most of the time and trying to win. Therefore, we will do the same. Some of you may not get as much playing time as you'd like during games. There may be games in which some full-timers on the bench don't get to play much or at all.



If it’s raining, check this website for an update on the status of our game or practice. If no update is posted and you haven't received a text or email from coach, then you should arrive at the field on time.

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