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Upcoming Schedule

Our plan for the week ahead.


Practice, Warren, 5:30

Out: Charlie


Practice, Warren, 5:30

Out: James


Practice, Warren, 3:30 (earlier start time)

Out: James


Practice, Warren, 5:30

Out: Charlie, Kaidan, James

Additional Practices

6/13 • Practice, Warren, 5:30

6/14 • Practice, Warren, 3:30 (earlier start)

6/15 • Practice, Warren, 5:30

Game Schedule

Games will generally be on weekday evenings starting the week of 6/19. The regular season will run through early August, and the playoffs (if we qualify) will take place the second week of August. Details to come, once the league releases the schedule.


Bring to every game and practice:

  • Baseball bat and other gear

  • Baseball pants or sweatpants 
    (no shorts)

  • Catcher's gear and protective cup (catchers only)

  • Water/drink for yourself

Roles & Playing Time

We may assign a few players to be reserves/alternates in order to keep the size of the game roster manageable. These decisions will be based on several factors including talent, work ethic, attitude, and availability. Reserves will be encouraged to attend all practices, and will be invited to games when it seems likely that they will play.

Rainy Days

If we know a few hours ahead of time that our practice or game is rained out, you'll see a message on this website and/or receive an email or text. If it’s raining and you haven’t gotten an update, please call or text your coach if you’re not sure whether to show up at the field. If you can't reach your coach and haven't been told that we're rained out, then we’re still on as scheduled and you should arrive at the field on time.

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