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Thank You!

Congratulations to the Bandits 14U team on an outstanding season! We finished with a Select League record of 20-9, which is pretty impressive for a team of mostly 13-year-olds playing in a 14U league.

Certainly, our 14s led the way and were every bit as good as I expected. But they didn’t carry us on their own. What put us over the top were the strong contributions of many of our 13s, who raised the level of their game every week and enabled us to be competitive against older teams.

Having spent so much time with our team over the past 10 months, I could see first-hand why our 13s were able to excel as a group. A lot of it had to do with the extraordinary support and encouragement they received from all of our second-year players — and especially our captains, Eli and Nicky, who set an admirable example every day with their determination, focus, hard work, and team-first attitude.

Thanks to all of our players for making this season so much fun. I had a blast! And thanks to all of the Bandits parents for your positive energy, weekend meals, and generous end-of-season gifts.

I’ll miss coaching this group. I hope you all have a great summer.


Rainy Days 

We'll notify you if a practice or game is rained out. If you haven't been told that we're rained out, then we’re still on as scheduled and you should arrive at the field on time.

Bats & Cleats

The Select League 14U Division allows:

  • BBCOR -3 and wood bats

  • Metal and rubber/plastic cleats

Player Obligations

What we expect from every full-time member of the Bandits 14U team.



  • Show up on time and ready.

  • Give your best effort.

  • Put the team first.

  • Respect the game.

  • Believe in yourself.

  • Take responsibility.

  • Stay focused.

  • Compete.

  • Have fun.


  • Make the Bandits your only club baseball team and your main sports priority in the spring.

  • Attend all practices and games, unless you have an unavoidable conflict.

  • Take advantage of every opportunity to develop your skills, improve your knowledge of the game, bond with teammates, and earn playing time.

  • Inform your coach ahead of time if you'll be arriving late, leaving early, or absent.

  • Participate fully in BYB's spring Senior League.

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