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NCAA Baseball

There's more information available online about college baseball than anyone has time to read. Some websites are designed to inform you, while others are focused on selling a product or service.


Here are a couple of very informative websites that can help guide you through the process of learning about college baseball, searching for colleges, and getting recruited.

Club Baseball

Those who want to continue playing baseball in college without the intense demands of NCAA varsity competition may want to consider club baseball. Unlike varsity teams, club teams may not be fully sponsored by the school and cannot qualify for the NCAA tournament. On the positive side, their practice and training schedules are usually less demanding, and the level of play at some schools is very high. Visit the website of the National Club Baseball Association for more details.

Local Teams

Several NCAA teams, from Division 1 to Division 3, play home games in and near Brookline.


High school players who are interested in playing at the NCAA level should consider participating in at least one competitive baseball showcase. Showcases are typically invitation-only events that require a player to be nominated by a high school or summer baseball coach. Players usually attend showcases during the summer after their junior year in high school. Learn more about showcases held in New England using the links below.

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