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Upcoming Schedule

During the winter, we'll practice on Sundays from January through March.

SUNDAYS, 1/8–3/26

Practice, BHS Tappan Street Pavilion, 5:00–7:00 pm


Roster Status

Everyone who participated in our fall program will be invited to remain with the Bandits and attend our winter practices. Most of you will be invited as full-time members of the spring roster, and the rest will be offered spots as reserves. A few details about this:

  • A full-timer will maintain his roster status into the spring as long as he attends most winter practices and continues to work hard.

  • A reserve may have the opportunity to become a full-timer before the spring arrives, depending on his performance during the winter and the needs of the team.

  • All players will receive the same training during the winter, regardless of roster status.   

  • We will not announce any player’s winter roster status to the team, so it will be private unless the player shares it.



Bring to every game and practice:

  • Baseball bat and other gear

  • Baseball pants or sweatpants 
    (no shorts)

  • Catcher's gear and protective cup (catchers only)

  • Water/drink for yourself

Program Overview

We will field one spring team in the 14U division of the New Balance Select League. This team may be made up of a combination of 13- and 14-year olds. The fall session is an extended tryout for the spring roster. Those who are invited to remain with the team at the end of the fall will be expected to attend weekly winter practices and make the Bandits their primary sports commitment during the spring.


You don't have to attend every practice, but you should come as often as your schedule allows. The more you attend, the more opportunities you will have to improve your skills — and the better your chance of earning playing time during the spring. If you will be late or absent for a practice, please notify Coach John ahead of time.

Rainy Days

If we know a few hours ahead of time that our practice or game is rained out, we'll post a message on this page or send an email. If it’s raining and you haven’t gotten an update, contact Coach John if you’re not sure whether to show up at the field. If you haven't been told that we're rained out, then we’re still on as scheduled and you should arrive at the field on time.

More Information

For details about the Bandits program, please visit our program page.

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