Be Safe, Be Productive

Our baseball season is on hold right now, and we will not be gathering as a group until the government eases its restrictions and recommendations.

During your time as a Bandit, you’ve heard me talk about how important it is to make decisions that support our team. This is even more important during a crisis. Right now our community is our team, and we all need to be good teammates by making smart decisions — practicing good hygiene, social distancing, patience, and kindness. We can't control everything that happens, but we can control how we handle it.​

While we wait to return to baseball and normal life, set aside some time every day to get better at something. Expand your knowledge, strengthen your body, improve your technique. Check out the instructions and videos on the Skills & Drills page, and feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions.

— John

Revised Plan

The outlook as of 5/15.



The EBL has realigned teams and divisions by state, which makes a lot of sense as each state in the league (MA, ME, NH) may open up and allow youth sports at different times. Here are three proposed scenarios and timelines for Massachusetts teams:


  • Game Plan #1: 7/1–8/30

  • Game Plan #2: 8/1–9/27

  • Game Plan #3: 9/1–10/18

Details about each of these scenarios are available on the EBL website.


The Eastern Mass Independent Baseball League, the other of our two leagues, is waiting for more clarity before announcing an updated plan for the season.


The summer league that Brookline’s 13s and 14s ordinarily participate in is called the Tompkins League, and it’s essentially the big-diamond version of the Bay State League (for ages 12 and under). This league is on hold right now, waiting for more information before figuring out a plan for the summer. If Tompkins offers a program, we’ll probably look for a way to join. And if we’re also playing a separate EBL schedule at the same time, that would be even more baseball for the boys.


If we’re able to play baseball at some point this summer or fall, we may have to implement some changes in order to keep everyone safe and comfortable. Things such as enforcing social distancing in the dugout (and among fans), wearing masks, adjusting where umpires stand, supplying plenty of hand sanitizer, prohibiting seeds (no spitting), and limiting travel. Other ideas are welcome. 



Obviously everything is up in the air right now — whether the EBL will be able to follow through with any of its scenarios, whether the Tompkins League will offer a summer program, and whether our town will allow baseball on public fields. It all depends on how things play out over the coming weeks. In the meantime, please let me know whether you expect to be available during the summer/fall and whether you think you’d be willing to engage in group activities.

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