Upcoming Schedule

Our plan for the next couple of weeks.

Thank you for participating in the Bandits fall season.

​I hope you learned about the game, improved your skills, and had some fun over the past couple of months.

I’ll reach out to you in the coming weeks with an update about late winter/early spring practices.

Coach John

Game/Practice Policies

Your responsibilities as a member of the Bandits.​


Face mask and hand sanitizer/wipes.

Baseball bat and other baseball gear.

Water/drink for yourself.

No seeds, gum, or candy allowed.

Baseball pants or sweat pants (no shorts).

Gear and protective cup (catchers).


For each practice and game, inform Coach Bucci as far ahead of time as possible if you will be arriving late, leaving early, or absent. Please don’t wait until the last minute unless it’s unavoidable.


•  Show up on time and prepared

•  Give your best effort

•  Respect the game

•  Put the team first

•  Take responsibility

•  Communicate

•  Believe in yourself

•  Play to win

•  Have fun


If I know a few hours ahead of time that our practice or game is rained out, I’ll try to post a message on this website and/or send you an email or text. If it’s raining and you haven’t gotten an update, please call or text coach if you’re not sure whether to show up at the field. If you can't reach coach and haven't been told that we're rained out, then we’re still on as scheduled and you should arrive at the field on time.

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