Spring Bandits & Seniors

When you register for the spring Bandits as a full-timer, you will also be automatically enrolled in BYB's in-town Senior League. These two programs are designed to complement each other, with Bandits games on weekends and Seniors on weekdays. Participating in Seniors offers a great opportunity for you to play even more baseball and also interact with Brookline friends who aren’t on the Bandits. 

Theo Epstein on Chemistry

Here's a few minutes from a 2017 interview with former Red Sox and Cubs executive (and Brookline HS grad) Theo Epstein, where he talks about the importance of team chemistry and player makeup.

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How Parents Can Help

We need assistance from parents more than ever to keep everyone safe in the current environment. Here are things you can do to help:

  • Supervise our players to ensure that they’re following COVID safety guidelines.

  • Provide hand sanitizer and/or wipes for your player or the team.

  • Keep an eye on the behavior of opposing players/coaches/spectators.

  • Contribute ideas to make the environment safer and more fun.