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About the Bandits

The Bandits Baseball program is dedicated to developing talented, smart, confident, disciplined, team-oriented ballplayers through high-level training and competitive games.


Run by Brookline Youth Baseball, the Bandits program offers several benefits for ballplayers:

  • Emphasis on advanced skill development, team-building, and sportsmanship

  • Competitive games against club teams

  • The familiarity and cohesiveness of playing on an all-Brookline team

  • The convenience of playing home games in Brookline

  • Total cost that's about one-third of what out-of-town club teams charge



We're looking for serious players who are ready to:

  • Make a commitment to the program

  • Give their best mental and physical effort

  • Work hard to achieve their goals

  • Take responsibility for their decisions and actions

  • Put the team ahead of themselves

We realize that some out-of-town club teams will offer spring/summer roster spots to players during the previous fall. If you​'re trying to decide between an out-of-town team and the Bandits for next year, we will let you know as early as necessary about your chances of earning a spot on the Bandits roster so you can make the decision that's best for you (please let us know if you're facing a deadline). In the end, we want kids to end up wherever they have the best chance to be challenged, successful, and happy playing baseball.


The Bandits program is non-profit. The cost of the entire program — fall, winter, and spring/summer season combined — is expected to be roughly $1800. Full and partial fee waivers are available for those who have a financial hardship.


If you have any questions about the Bandits — structure of the program, timing of roster decisions, commitment expected of players, program costs, or anything else — please contact the program director, John Bucci.


For Brookline players in grades 7 and 8.

Head coach: Jack Sherlock


Late Summer • Initial tryout at the end of August. If selected, you're invited to participate in the fall program.

Fall • Several practices/scrimmages each week in September and October. In-depth training on the big diamond, and a flexible schedule that lets you choose the sessions that work for you. Also serves as an extended tryout for the spring team.

Winter • Weekly indoor practices on Sunday evenings from January through March. Players are expected to attend most practices.

Spring • Doubleheaders on weekends, from April through June, in the New Balance Select League. Practice once per week, as well as in-town weekday games in the BYB Senior League.​​​


For Brookline players who will be age 17 or younger on 4/30 leading into the summer season.

Head coach: John Bucci

Winter • Weekly indoor practices on Sunday evenings from December through March. Players are expected to attend most practices.

Spring • Off during high school baseball season.

Summer • Doubleheaders on weekends, in June and July, in the New Balance Select League. Practice once per week.​

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